The Wooden Truth

The Wooden Truth Printing Press started with a desire to do something creatively with my hands. I’ve been a graphic designer for nearly 30 years and clicking a mouse for much of the last 25. I had a small collection of wood type which I just liked to look at, so in 2012 I bought a hand-operated proofing press and started using the type (and a growing collection of it) to make small runs of posters, prints and cards for pure – self-commissioned and experimental – pleasure.

All my prints are hand-inked and hand-rolled and – as such – no two prints will ever be identical due to the ink coverage never being exactly the same. I love bringing new life to old wood and metal type and seeing the character and age of these old letterforms in a contemporary print is – for me – one of the essential pleasures of letterpress printing. Dinks, bumps, scratches and dips hint at a hidden history within each letter. 

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